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Welcome to the enchanting realm curated by Andre Yabin. Within the tapestry of the brand, discover the extraordinary Love Shirt Dress, the impeccable Love Clutch, and the iconic Andre Yabin Signature Couture Jackets – each a testament to limitless imagination and unparalleled craftsmanship.


Introducing our Love Clutch Luxe The Love Clutch’s sleek and minimalistic design... 

Andre Yabin's Couture Work


Shining a spotlight on the mesmerizing jacket is the renowned Andre Yabin... 

Indulge in the allure of this black and gold couture jacket from Andre Yabin, where artistry, elegance, and customization converge to create an exceptional wearable masterpiece. Don't miss the opportunity to be a part of this unparalleled experience. Schedule your appointment now to discover the world of Andre Yabin's couture excellence firsthand.

    Driven by the desire to bridge societal divides and exude positivity, Andre Yabin gave birth to the LOVE Shirt Dress and his eponymous brand. The Andre Yabin brand encapsulates a spirit that resonates with the modern woman – a beacon of positivity and empowerment. The LOVE Shirt Dress marks the debut of ready-to-wear fashion in Andre Yabin's repertoire, a strategic stride towards embracing a wider spectrum of women. He expressed, "My vision was to craft a brand that transcends couture – an inclusive haven that empowers women from all walks of life.


    Nestled alongside the Love Shirt Dress is the exquisite Love Clutch, a manifestation of Yabin's dedication to accessible luxury. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Love Clutch captures the essence of modern elegance, serving as the perfect companion for any occasion. This accessory not only complements the wearer's ensemble but also encapsulates the ethos of the YABIN brand – an embodiment of love, positivity, and beauty.


    The assortment of Andre Yabin Signature Couture Jackets embodies Yabin's mastery in high-end fashion, each piece a testament to his decades of experience. These jackets transcend mere clothing, representing meticulously crafted artistry that exudes sophistication and uniqueness. With intricate detailing, bold designs, and an ability to seamlessly harmonize with diverse aesthetics, they epitomize Yabin's boundary-defying approach to couture, offering a glimpse into a world where fashion becomes an artistic narrative without limits.

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Who is the Designer?

Andre Yabin's commitment to crafting not just fashion, but experiences that celebrate the power of positivity, unity, and individual expression.

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