Andre Yabin 

Meet Andre Yabin, Designer

 Andre Yabin holds the belief that humans inherently crave beauty and light. He perceives his purpose as bringing illumination and enhancing the beauty in this world.

His Fashion journey spans catwalk couture, bridal gowns, and cocktail dresses showcased at New York Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week. His brilliance earned him the Fashion Group International Dallas Rising Star award in 2016, and his couture marvels appeared on popular media like Dallas Housewives and WAGS Miami, Texas Today, WFFA, Good Morning Texas and has work published & name mentioned in WWD, D Magazine, Patron Magazine, Paper City Dallas, My Sweet Charity, People’s News Paper and many more. To see more Click Here.

"Drawn from the selfless love of the women in my life, I conceived the Love Shirt Dress in 2020." Unveiled during a global pandemic, its mission is to dispel negativity and encourage women to prioritize self-love. This garment, a key element in Andre Yabin's venture into ready-to-wear fashion, embodies his vision to empower a range of diverse women. He envisioned his distinctive jackets and Love Clutch as perfect complements to the Love Shirt Dress.

At the core of Andre Yabin's design philosophy is the blend of heart and awareness of the world's dynamics. This synergy enables him to turn inspiration into captivating designs that deeply resonate with those who wear them. Guided by thoughtful introspection, Yabin nurtures his concepts over time, weaving moments of inspiration into a cohesive design narrative. The result is a harmonious blend of various influences converging into a beautifully realized vision.