Sip & Style Soirée Recap

Sip & Style Soirée Recap

The 'Sip & Style Soirée' in Grapevine, Texas, redefined the essence of elegance by seamlessly blending fashion, food, and luxury open house on an unforgettable evening. Held at an exquisite home presented by Adam Lewis and The Right Reality Team, this event invited guests to experience the epitome of a fabulous home while indulging in the finest couture, cuisine, and real estate offerings.

 Andre YabinAndre Yabin PuseAndre Yabin love purses

Tammany Pr And Adam Lewis

 Against the backdrop of the opulent residence, attendees were captivated by a curated display of fashion designs by the renowned Andre Yabin. His signature Love Purses, Love Shirt Dresses and Signature Jackets were a hit, showcasing an exquisite fusion of style and craftsmanship that left guests in awe. Alongside Yabin's creations, jewelry by Andrea Reich, as well as contributions from Mizzen & Main, House of Mo, Kendra Cocktails, and other esteemed vendors, added to the evening's allure.

Bella Hampton Andre Reich

 Bell Hamoton Farm

As guests savored farm-to-table delicacies by Nestor Eduardo Estrada, Cesar Aragon/ & Foundation, and other culinary artisans, they also had the opportunity to explore the luxurious amenities and stunning architecture of the showcased property. With an asking price of $1,290,000, the home exemplified the pinnacle of luxury living in Grapevine, Texas, offering an idyllic retreat for a future  discerning homeowner.

Home In Grapvine

Amidst sips of local wines and the ambiance of live music, attendees reveled in the seamless integration of fashion, food, and real estate, each element elevating the experience to new heights of refinement. As the evening concluded, guests departed with memories of an extraordinary event, where elegance and indulgence converged in perfect harmony.

Here's to the success of the 'Sip, Style, and Home Open House' and the enduring allure of luxury living in Grapevine. Cheers to an evening filled with sophistication, style, and the promise of exquisite experiences yet to come!

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