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Azure Flamingo

Azure Flamingo

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Indulge in the allure of the "Elegant Electric Blue Symphony," a masterpiece that harmonizes electric blue sequins and lustrous pearls in a dynamic block pattern. This made-to-measure jacket, crafted from the finest cream neoprene fabric, black thread and delicate light pink glass stones create a mesmerizing foundation, while a whimsical pink flamingo amidst cream sequins adds a playful touch. The jacket's opulent gold trim with metallic block beads exudes luxury, completing this wearable work of art. Experience the enchantment of this radiant creation, a true testament to the fusion of elegance and whimsy on the canvas of neoprene luxury.

Elegant Electric Blue Symphony:
This remarkable jacket showcases an intricate and captivating design that commands attention with its exquisite details and vibrant color palette.

Dynamic Sequin Ensemble:
Crafted from electric blue sequins and lustrous pearls, the jacket boasts a stunning block pattern that radiates energy and sophistication. The blocks come to life with the addition of meticulously woven black thread and delicate light pink glass stones, creating a foundation that enhances the visual appeal of each element.

Focal Point of Elegance:
The arrangement of light pink glass stones creates a central focal point, highlighting the jacket's enchanting design. The stones are positioned between the blocks, adding depth and a touch of ethereal charm to the overall composition.

Whimsical Flamingo Accent:
The sleeve continues the sequence technique, incorporating playful electric blue sequins. A delightful pink flamingo takes center stage in the midst of the sequence, surrounded by a mix of cream sequins and pearls. This charming touch adds a sense of whimsy and playfulness to the jacket's overall elegance.

Gilded Elegance with Metal Block Beads:
A touch of opulence is brought to life by the gold trim and metallic block beads, accentuating the edges of the jacket and creating a sense of luxury that perfectly complements the vibrant color palette.

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