Yabin's Love Clutch

Yabin's Love Clutch


Carry Love With You Wherever You Go!


When I received a delivery from online delivery service GoPuff, I was struck by inspiration. The size of the bag caught my attention and I began to experiment with folding it and playing with its functionality.

Love clutch process image 1love clutch process


 The result was the stunning new Love Clutch. The Love clutch is the epitome of chicness, a touch of elegance and practicality, making it a must-have accessory for minimalist fashionistas. I chose ultra suede as the material for the bag because of its softness and the way it feels in the hand. I want her to always want to hold it and to experience the luxurious texture and the rectangular structure.
Love Clutch Bag



I pay very close attention to detail, and the Love Clutch is no exception, particularly the zipper pull. I want it to feel full and luxurious, so chose a thick gold plated metal for her to use. I stamped it with my name.



I chose a silky satin interior, which also features a handy compartment for her night-out essentials. 



I want the her to embrace the love she embodies. So I included a card in her Love Clutch for her to write down her love tale, keeping in the clutch close by. I imagine her carrying the Love Clutch everywhere, reading her love tale often.

 love card for clutch



As a creative person, I enjoy infusing heartfelt messages and intricate details in my work for the customer to uncover over time. I particularly cherish the idea of a delayed discovery, as it creates a special moment for the person. In the case of the "Love Clutch", I knew that I had to include the word "LOVE" in the design. I experimented with the placement and the technique I would use to display the word love. I settled on etching word "LOVE" with a laser. The clutch can be worn open or closed, with "LOVE" facing upwards towards her when open, and towards the audience when closed. This serves as a reminder to carry love wherever she goes, both for herself and for others to see. By keeping the love clutch close, she is continuously reminded of its presence and message.

LOve Clutch

love clutch


Love Clutch is designed to be versatile and practical. Whether you're out for a romantic dinner or running errands, this clutch is the perfect accessory.

LOve Shirt Dress and Love Clutch


And with four vibrant colors to choose from - fuchsia with black print, black with gold print, olive green with gold print, and lime green with gold print - you're sure to find the perfect match for your style. Don't miss out on this must-have accessory of the season, get your hands on Yabin's Love Clutch TODAY!


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Designer: Andre Yabin

Photographer: Antonina Shvets

Model & Stylist: Anna Berman




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