Three Gifts Of LOVE YABIN Gave To Me

Three Gifts Of LOVE YABIN Gave To Me

Yabin Sketch

Yabin want to give you three things you are going to absolutely love about your LOVE Shirt Dress. Three Days Of LOVE!


The First of LOVE YABIN Gave To Me 

A Statement Bow

Pussycat Bow

The Love Shirt Dress can imply a coy modesty when tied up at the neck with its statement peach pink like color, delicate, dainty velour bow. Yabin says, “take your time to tie the ribbon into a bow. There is no rush. Be mindful of the color and feel the texture as you are tying it.” 


On The Second Day of LOVE Yabin gave to me: 

Signature Of Affection


Name Embroidered in logo

Yabin has embroidered his name in gold on the inside of the cuff. Yabin says, “This is my secret communication of affection between the wearer and myself.” Yabin’s attention to detail and passion for design is visible in every detail.

On The Third Day Of LOVE Yabin Gave To Me:



 Every woman deserves pockets, Yabin says. He has designed two side pockets for the wearers’ convenience.

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