The 3rd Edition of The LOVE Shirt Dress

The 3rd Edition of The LOVE Shirt Dress

Introducing the 3rd Edition of the Love Shirt Dress by Yabin

3rd Edition Packaging

Get ready to spread the love with the latest release from Yabin's Love Shirt Dress collection - the 3rd Edition. Building on the empowering message of self-love from the previous edition, the 3rd Edition is all about sharing that love with others.


Yabin's mission to empower women through the message of LOVE and fashion is at the heart of this latest collection. The Love Shirt Dress is designed to help women connect with the love that resides within their hearts while feeling confident, comfortable, and stylish. With four unique designs to choose from, this year's collection has something for everyone.

The 3rd Love Shirt Dress has been reimagined to embody the spirit of love and sharing. Whether you're looking for a dress to wear on a date or a casual outfit to wear with friends, this latest edition of Yabin's Love Shirt Dress collection is perfect for any occasion.

The 3rd Edition Love Shirt Dress Inspiration begins with a tale of adventure and wonder in the Caribbean paradise of Barbados. Join me as we embark on a journey that will take us to the heart of this beautiful island, where crystal blue waters meet ancient stone ruins adorned with vibrant graffiti.

Imagine a boat ride under the bright sun, with the sky painted in shades of blue and big puffy clouds drifting by. The gentle breeze carries the sound of palm trees swaying and the sea singing its inviting song. As we step onto the shore, the sand welcomes us, and we feel the excitement of exploring this enchanting place.

A short walk away, we discover an old building made of stone, its walls now serving as a canvas for the talented street artists of Barbados. Despite the colorful graffiti that adorns its surface, the building stands tall and proud, a testament to the island's rich past and vibrant present.

But that's not all! Within these walls, a private techno party awaits us, with its pulsating beat filling the air. As we dance the night away, surrounded by the energy of the people, the waves of the sea create a breathtaking backdrop, making this an unforgettable experience.

Join me on this journey to Barbados, where the juxtaposition of the blue waters and graffiti-clad ruins creates a perfect harmony. Close your eyes, and let this story transport you to this magical place where adventure and beauty are waiting to be discovered. This collection standouts from the rest with its hues of blue. 


L8 Features a light blue cotton shirt dress with LOVE painted on the back. The L8 Love Shirt Dress by Yabin is a stunning addition to any wardrobe. Made with 100% breathable cotton, this dress features a light blue color is stunning. It also includes a navy statement bow, front top pocket, and side pockets, providing a versatile and functional piece. The navy contrasting top stitching adds an elegant touch, while the option to wear it open or closed allows for a customizable look. Yabin exaggerated the sleeve a little to give more volume and a confident look though the shoulders.


L8 Love Shirt Dress Front L8 Love Shirt Dress Back



L9 Shirt Dress from Yabin is a beautiful and inspiring piece. It is made from light blue chambray fabric with Yabin's handwriting all over, featuring the messages "choose love," "be love," and "share love" in white. The double ruffle cap sleeves, ruffle collar, and side pockets add feminine touches, while the white insert tabs on the sides of the curved hemline provide a unique detail. The dress can be worn open or closed, making it versatile for any occasion.


L9 Love Short Dress front3rd edition of the love shirt dress



L10 Love Shirt Dress by Yabin is a must-have for those who want to make a statement. Made from dark chambray fabric, this dress features Yabin's handwriting with the messages "choose love," "be love," and "share love" on the back. The fuchsia statement bow adds a pop of color, while the front top pocket and side pockets provide functionality. This dress reinforces Yabin's message and focus in the third edition collection.

L9 Love Shirt Dress Back 3rd edition of the love shirt dress L9



L11 Love Shirt Dress by Yabin is a unique and versatile piece. It is a duster-style shirt dress with a front pocket that has "love" embroidered on it. The dress also features two side pockets and two slits on each side for ease of movement. It can be worn open or closed, or even with a belt for a cinched waist look. This long version of this silhouette is perfect for those looking to switch up their style. 

They are perfect for modern women who want to make a statement while staying true to their values of LOVE and style.

In conclusion, the 3rd Edition of the Love Shirt Dress by Yabin is a must-have for anyone who wants to feel empowered, stylish, and confident. Each dress is unique, functional, and features Yabin's signature message of love. Get yours today and join the movement of spreading love and positivity.




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