Creating The Box of Magic

Creating The Box of Magic

 Box of Magic

Giving and receiving love is a beautiful and magical experience. When designing the Box of Magic, I imagined the wearer experience being just as magical. The Box of Magic was designed not only to contain the Love Shirt Dress, but to make hearts sparkle like the stars in the night sky. 


I often imagine the journey that the Love Shirt Dress takes to find its forever owner. It’s shipped all over the world and once delivered, the magical box fits comfortably in all hands, like a perfect wand for a beautiful fairy princess. It's every fairy princess' dream to have their very own wand. 


 Shining star

The striking fuchsia exterior brightens her spirit, as she is greeted with the YABIN brand stamped in the center with a raised gold foil like the golden reflections. The dainty thin black satin ribbon is the invitation and key to open the box. 



She then opens the box to a delicate color palette that softens the heart  -  The heart skips with joy and the eyes sparkle like shimmering lights as the inner child awakens. Turquoise interior with a repeat of the eponymous label, YABIN, etched in a raised gold foil and married with light pale pink tissue paper. Right below it, "LOVE IS MAGIC" is written in white script, reminding Yabin Girls that Love is such a magical thing that it can make you feel like you are floating on clouds without any troubles in the world.


Box of magic

pink tissue paper 

The multilayer pale pink tissue paper is folded back to finally reveal the LOVE Shirt Dress.

Each garment is lovingly folded and tucked safely into the Box of Magic.

The enclosed card contains a quote that my friend Debs helped me write. 




Front of card

Front of greeting card

 Back of card

The "Box of Magic" is the perfect size, and can be used after the LOVE Shirt Dress is removed. Perhaps it can house all of the love letters that Yabin Girls write to herself because she is reminded that LOVE starts with HER and that it looks good on her!


I will say that I was initially torn between doing a black ribbon or a turquoise ribbon to match the color on the inside of the box. I took a poll to see which color women were more drawn to.  It turns out that the contrast of the fuchsia and black provided a more favorable response.


Black robbonBox of magic


This was my first time designing product packaging, I was thrilled with the outcome.  Thank you for allowing me to share the magical process with you. I would love to know your thoughts. 

A special thanks to my friend Emily Garza her contributions to the blog 

Get Your Very Own LOVE Shirt Dress


 Have you seen designer Andre Yabin's 2019 Christmas tribute, "Oh Holy Night?"






















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I simply cannot wait to receive mine!! Anything that Andre does he does with love and caring for others.. It’s a perfect symbol of him.. Blessing and may we all have LOVE and a Shirtdress to remind us.. Love is what matters.

Yvonne H. Crum

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